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Glenbow is a museum, art gallery, library and archives located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, focusing on the history of northwest North America.


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A complete online catalogue of Van Gogh´s works. 3,000 pages of paintings, sketches, letters and much more. The most complete van Gogh resource on the Internet.


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Some generative devices...


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Arts Business Exchange provides information, services, ideas, resources, and an opportunity to interact with others in art business-artists, gallerists, curators, collectors et al.


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A frequently updated web site that preesents a gallery, a bio, a diary and tips on painting. Web site has been five years on line, five years of art works in archives.

A painter of the four seasons...


...un peintre des quatre saisons


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Metaphysical surrealist artist Joseph Cusimano.


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Cecil Lake, B.C.

link209.gif (2840 bytes)

Fine Art - Paintings
and Drawings


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Established in 1996, YEAR ZERO ONE ia an award winning Toronto based on-line artis run centre which operates as a network for the dissemination of digital culture and new media. YAER ZERO ONE is dedicated to exhibiting artists web projects, offers the community a forum for dialogue about contemporary art practice and provides an extensive arts resource/index of media art sites,, galleries, institutions, arts opprtunities and festivals.


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Canadian Indian Art Inc, Specializes in a unique collection of native art sculptures from the Coast Salish Culture. Our on.line aboriginal gallery offers an exquisite collection of Totem Poles, Bent Wood Boxes, Plaques, Talking Sticks, Ceremonial Masks and much more...


link252.jpg (5454 bytes)

Alisa Mikeal
Mixed Media / Fine Art


link293.gif (8307 bytes)

An Online Fine Art Gallery
A fine art gallery with oil paintings, watercolors, sculptures, ceramics, prints, photography, Inuit art, garden art, artist bears to compliment your home or office decor. Other features include chat rooms, art advisor, professional art restoration, quizzes.


link297.jpg (10029 bytes)

On-line gallery of paintings by Igor Mojzes.
Oil on canvas, biography.


link324.jpg (35292 bytes)

Christine Belanger
Portraits created in soft pastels. Portraits of yesteryear, people, children, animals and celebrities.


link363.jpg (10781 bytes)

Coffee Time
Art Gallery. Museum:
"Painters of seven centuries".
Catalog "Theatres of the World"


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link401.gif (4966 bytes)

Spirits Of The North
Gallery of Tribal, Indian,
Aboriginal and Inuit Art.


link427.jpg (11704 bytes)

@RT ContourGallery
An online art gallery to buy and sell original artwork.
We offer certified art from professional artists.


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