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The gallery has a large collection of best quality original chinese artworks.
The Courtyard Gallery is one of the leading private art galleries in China. Situated in Beijing on the moat of the Forbidden City, at the East Gate, the Courtyard specializes in Chinese contemporary art. The Coutyard, wich is open daily from 11.00 a.m. to 7.00 pm, represents many of China´s most well known avant-garde artists currently working both in China and abroad. Monthly exhibitions with Courtyard-published catalogue avaible. E-amil us to receive monthly exhibition announcements. See our website for extensive archival informatios on artists represented past and future exhibitions.


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Manufacturers based in China creating a variety of oil paintings such as portraits,
animals, flowers, landscapes and still lives. If you are interested in owning quality oil
paintings at very affordable prices then please visit our WebSite.


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Orient handicrafts, folk art, antiques, jewelry, etc.
We are supplier and exporter of the following items: Chinese embroidery,
jewelry,antique accessories, orient folk arts, Asian crafts, antique furniture,
Chinese folk art crafts, paper cut, painting, tangka, snuff bottles, etc.


link443.jpg (13624 bytes)
Chinese handmade embroidery, silk embroidery, double face embroidery.
We're a leading manufacture, supplier and exporter of Chinese handmade embroidery, framed embroidery, double side, silk embroidery, art, folk, portrait, landscape, animal embroidery, etc.
We have hundreds of styles in stock and thousands of designs
for you to select from.


link468.jpg (60404 bytes)
We ( are manufacturer of chinese antique furniture and reproduction furniture, also deal with Chinese Antiques,Chinese Cultural Revolution, Ceramic,Porcelain, Pottery, Buddha Art, Bronze & Copper, Bamboo, Stone, Wood Carving, Chinese Tea, Pearl&Necklace, Painting, Lighting, Mongolia &  Tibet, Textiles, Mounting & Frames, Garden Furniture & Garden Pottery, Rustic Home Refinishing, Interior Decorators, Landscape Architects, Garden Designers, Pavilion, Baskets Purses, Jewelry, Miscellaneous for your home furnishing or your selling business.


link469.gif (6984 bytes)

Jiqun Chen art site, original fine art of steppe by Jiqun Chen


link486.gif (11811 bytes)
Chinese embroidery art - silk hand embroidery painting
Unique hand embroidered silk paintings comparable to oil paintings,
the finest needlecraft you've seen. We specialize in Chinese hand embroidery,
handmade silk embroidery paintings & silk embroidery home furnishings.


A Best Portrait Service and Cheap Oil Paintings
Oil painting and portrait workshop, wholesale and retail, flatest price and best
quality. From landscape to still life, from home deco art to masterpiece


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