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Artists, galleries, ceramic art, art prints, museums, collections, art critic, art contests, Pasolini´s paintings in exclusivity, works on sale and more. Kara is one of the most awarded artistic sites on the Net. It holdes 3200 pages, over 3750 images and is currently running over 800 "User Sessions" per day.


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The most informative site dedicated to art and its market.

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The first virtual museum of medical history. Bienvenue au musée du Louvre.


link128.jpg (11629 bytes)

Our museum keeps all sorts of art objects
of the period 1848-1914, including impressionist paintings.


link143.jpg (19197 bytes)

Personal art exhibition of the french
painting artist Vincent Deplano who proposes an original vision of our world through his surrealist paintbrush.


link155.jpg (8974 bytes)

This site features modern abstract paintings
utilizing Asian techniques and materials including sea weeds and pepper powder to achieve unique colors and shapes.


link183.jpg (5242 bytes)

"An Artist Sculptress shows you on-line, the
Internationals Monuments in bronze and marble
she have done in some countries in Europe.
She explains you the way she works, the throughts, difficulties and tecnicals maters of creation..."


link213.gif (2446 bytes)

Dessins et peintures de Odette Gonnard, sculptures de Luce Terrenoire et cartes peintes de Daniel Lakhdary. Versions française et anglaise.


link229.gif (1545 bytes)

The site of Pompidou Center and
the National Museum of Modern Art, Paris.


link312.jpg (14778 bytes)

Jean Duran (Pintura).

Pintor figurativo francés, su pasión: los retratos y los desnudos tienen el aceite sobre tela.


link319.jpg (18639 bytes)

link291.jpg (4245 bytes)

Cité Médiévale, son histoire,
sa faune, sa flore, ses galeries d´art.

Joël Ochs Gallery


link329.jpg (10831 bytes)
Les Ballets Russes, les Peintres
sceneries and costumes projects of
Diaghilev painters
Larionov, gontcharova, Bakst, Exter, etc...
Roland Petit and Berard, Erte, Cocteau, etc...
XXth painting and works on paper
Ecole de Paris, Pascin, Krémègne, Chapiro, etc...


link335.jpg (9537 bytes)

Jean Cocteau

On line sale ceramics - Lithographies - Sculptures
Jewels - Marqueteries - Catalog


link343.gif (11142 bytes)

Gallery of collages dedicated to the female body,
literature & texts about cut-up.


link351.jpg (4295 bytes)

Editions Effa

Galería de Arte en Paris.
("Campos Elyseos")


link370.jpg (11516 bytes)

Catherine Marche

Oil, acrylics, etchings, illustration


link376.jpg (5381 bytes)

This site was conceived with an aim of making you share my passion:
Painting all the painting exposed here, are those which I regulierement
propose in various exposures throughout the year.


link385.gif (12484 bytes)

Lettco, woman artist painter, explore through 16 galleries and 170 acrylic
paintings, various artistic themes, kinds and trends (naive, still life, surrealism,
landscape, portrait, celebrity, animal, teddy bear...)


Free reviews of Paris hotels at Paris Eiffel Tower
Independent reviewers visited and took a peek for you at multiple Paris hotels.
A free guide written by Paris lovers for Paris goers: reviews of hotels, museums and monuments,
virtual tours of Paris streets, e-greetings cards, downloadable photos, and other features.


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