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United Kingdom

link80.jpg (10367 bytes)

Kurai Hoshi Gallery
Work by Gerald O´Connell in a variety of traditional and cybermedia.


link82.gif (3545 bytes)

Artsake Global Gallery is a growing portfolio of artists.
Deal with the artists direct, purchase work, arrange commisions or gallery exhibitions or exchanges.
No sale commission charges.
There are also free sceensavers and free entries in the exhibition events diary.


link115.jpg (12036 bytes)

Stuckism Art: Contemporary Painting, snti-conceptual art,
the offical answer to Brit Art.


link119.jpg (39540 bytes)

Burlington Paintings deal in 19th and Early 20th Century Fine British
and European oil paintings.


link120.gif (1368 bytes)

The Museum of London is the largest urban history museum in the world covering the history of London from prehistoric to modern times. The web site provides a glimpse of the Museum´scollections, details of current and past exhibitions, information on the Museum´s exciting work in archaeology as well as details on access and admission.


link121.gif (3802 bytes)

Provides visitors with a comprehensive and varied collection of Original Paintings, Creative Literature, Greeting Card designs, and an insight into Persian Culture.


link254.gif (8287 bytes)

The essence of arteutile is to be useful for artists so
that they can be useful to society.
Arteutile ha a website which provides a free space
for artists to exhibit their work.


link123.jpg (12469 bytes)

Tarjetas electronicas gratis, con las imagenes y la poesia
de Martin Raskovsky.


link124.gif (1806 bytes)

A beautifully comprehensive site that features both recent and early work by the artist.


link126.jpg (7379 bytes)

La pagina personal del poeta y fotografo Martin Raskovsky.


link132.gif (917 bytes)

Arts Business Exchange provides information, services, ideas, resources, and an opportunity to interact with others in art business-artists, gallerists, curators, collectors et al.


link168.gif (3539 bytes)

Artist´s home page. Original oil paintings, drawings and limited
edition prints for sale or commision. Sensual images & nudes.
Some adult content.


link190.jpg (9566 bytes)

International artiste with sales, listings and esditorial covering all aspects of contemporary practice.


link197.gif (10000 bytes)

Traditional Still Life Oil Paintings In 19th Century Technique.


link212.gif (7710 bytes)

"Welcome to ArtLondon.Com! - Fine art dealers since 1975, on the Internet since February 1998, dealing in International Fine Art and Antiques, providing information on Arts and Culture in London and the UK, comprehensive Art Search, wide range of International Galleries, up to date Art News and auctions".


link226.gif (2342 bytes)

The Association of Art and Antique Dealers
is the largest association of professional dealers in the UK.


link246.gif (15701 bytes)

Our aims:
To speak the passion for and interest art in general.
To put forward ideas and alternative spaces.
To create work so that individual talent is recognized and not lost...


link294.gif (7964 bytes)

The-e-gallery - quality online portfolios.


link300.gif (9355 bytes)

Art Sales Index provides a database of over
2.3 million works of fine art by 195.000 artists.


link308.gif (25930 bytes)

Christopher English's Symbolist Paintings and Poetry Page


link346.jpg (7563 bytes)

Offering original oil paintings, watercolors,
drawings, pastels, and prints by
Russian and Eastern European artists.


link352.jpg (12009 bytes)

Brings together 2 young professional New Media Artists toying
with Digital Art,Animations and Soundscapes.Also we have a
Forum listing Worlwide Exhibitions/Festivals and calls for entries
and competitions. Jump aboard we are a friendly community !


link359.jpg (18055 bytes)

Welsh artist Gwynfor Roberts presents a selection
of paintings depicting the Rhymney Valley
in South Wales, United Kingdom.


Alison Gracie's Mixed Media Visual Art
Visual artist inspired by nature and wildlife; especially lizards and insects,
also concerned with enviromental /conservation awareness, emotional
expression through imaginative/ introspective landscape imagery,
also exploring astronomy and the concept of time.


link452.gif (7653 bytes)

Specialises in original paintings, representing over
170 British artists in the UK


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