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United States

Canvas Prints
We are specialists in canvas prints, canvas art, wall art, canvas stretching, canvas mounting and photos being transferred to canvas. We use digital printing technology to enable us to produce the highest quality stretched canvas prints online in the UK.


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ArtLex visual art dictionary
ArtLex has definitions for more than 3,100 terms
(most in English), along with images of numerous examples, pronunciation notes, great quotations,
and links to other resources on the web. Find discussion of art and antiques of all sorts - their production, criticism, history, as well as in
aesthetics and education.


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SF/ fantasy, Space and Surreal art.

link86.jpg (2543 bytes)

Artcom Collector´s Corner:
1,700 U.S. museums and major exhibitions woldwide.


link81.jpg (7724 bytes)

Large collection of colorful abstract and surreal 3D computer art.


link87.gif (5650 bytes)

Realistic figurative oil paintings created to explore
emotions & communicate ideals.
Magic & children as symbols embodying positive
attributes of living.


link93.gif (3072 bytes)

Gallery of Imported Original Oil
Paintings & Pastels for the American
Art Collector.


link94.jpg (7693 bytes)

Contains the history of color pigments and the first artists using them. Crystal elements showing matching colors. Artists Real Color Wheel matching RCB, YMCR and artists pigments. A Painting on Location course using the accurate Real Color Wheel.


link97.gif (7119 bytes)


link98.jpg (10037 bytes)

Una organización no lucrativa dedicada a promover las artes visulaes y
escénicas del mundo...


link99.gif (6054 bytes)

Low cost web site design and
promotion for artists.

link151.jpg (9667 bytes)

Lifesize oil paintings of
powerful physiques.


link103.jpg (4914 bytes)

Original art, art workshops, suggested reading form artists, intereesting site
includes art networking, art tours, offbeat shopping opportunities.


link106.gif (1745 bytes)

The National Gallery of Art´s Web site was launched on February 14, 1997. The cornerstone of the site is the Gallery´s permanent collection. A wealth of existing information - over 100,000 records from the Collection Management System database, digital images scanned for the American and European videodiscs, and educational materials - forms the core structure of the site


link107.jpg (5277 bytes)

ArtQuest is a premier image listing service that
puts people collecting and selling art directly in
touch with each other via email. Listing art is
easy by filling out a simple online form.
You´ll see art listed by artists, galleries and
dealers as well as those collectors who are
looking to buy and sell paintings, sculpture,
prints and more!


link108.gif (12128 bytes)

Site of Robert Lorenson, Sculptor; shows some
of his work and locations of his large scale
outdoor sculptures including those on display
in private collections and public areas plus


link109.gif (10236 bytes)

Photographic Gallery showing work of Jack M Kucy
and some Invited Artists in several categories.
In short: from REAL to the SURREAL.


link110.gif (49070 bytes)

Through The Looking Glass and Wearable Animal Art.
To see only ugliness is a disease that one actually chooses to contract; while it requires the courage of creativity to discover the starlights hidden beneath the mundane!.
To live and work among the animals is truly a gift from the GODS!.
There are no small miracles... only our "small" perception of them!.
Sometimes our lives need to fall in pieces at our feet in order for us to choose which pieces are worth keeping!.


link111.jpg (14811 bytes)

A photographic adventure of sexual themes in art, and bookstore
specializing in erotic art and fiction.


link131.gif (897 bytes)

An online reference library for the publication and dissemination of information about artists and where to find their work.


link113.gif (22664 bytes)

Original pastel paintings, limited edition prints & posters by traditional
realist artist, Tom Sierak.


link122.gif (2076 bytes)

The Kimbell Art Museum houses works ranging in period from antiquity to the 20th century, including masterpieces from Fra Angelico and Caravaggio to Cézanne and Matisse. The Museum is one of the only institutions in the Southwest with a substantial collection of Asian arts, and has assembled small but select groups of Mesoamerican and African pieces as well as Mediterranean antiquities.


link137.gif (7002 bytes)

Provides virtual gallery hosting. Presents illustrations, paintings, photography and digital artwork of talented
artists from everywhere.


link145.jpg (25790 bytes)

Multitalend Austrian artist Anton Krajnc, based in Arizona, shows fine art in many media: Frescoes, oils on canvas, graphics on handmade paper. NEW: Sculptures in ceramic, wood and bronze. Krajnc invites viewers to share his interests in art and literature, and flying small planes; invites you along on painter´s pilgrimages in Greece and Spain, and offers unusual global links.


link146.gif (2697 bytes)

An online gallery of fine art oil paintings by Denton Lund faeturing Native American, Western, wildlife, and visionary themes. A wide array of original oil paintings and limited edition prints for sale.


link154.jpg (18212 bytes)

Arts of Persia dedicated to the promotion of Persian and multi-culural art and culture. Besides artworks by international artists, Arts of Persia offers reviews, books, statements by experts, quotable notables and articles on Western and Persian art.


link155.jpg (8974 bytes)

This site features modern abstract paintings utilizing Asian techniques and materials including sea weeds and pepper powder to achieve unique colors and shapes.


link156.jpg (17521 bytes)

Beautiful artistic mosaics in vitreous glass, porcelain, ceramic, and gold smalti. Includes monthly gallery updates, an illustred mosaic-making demonstration, and glossary.


link158.jpg (9176 bytes)

Artist Collective gallery located in Soho, New York,
featuring artists from around the world.


link161.jpg (38175 bytes)

The Symluminism site shows the paintings
and manifesto of the artist Joseph Paul Eads.
This work addresses the extratemporal -
transfinte using classical technique.


link165.gif (4846 bytes)

For an ever changing dimensional blending of hidden fantasies and unbridled surrealism that continues to excite and stimulate the psyche to hunger for more, Studio-Alex is a must. This virtual gallery will acquaint you with Alexander B. Drumm´s art work & will give you an idea of products that have made use of his drawings and illustrations.


link166.jpg (23163 bytes)

Features artist Julia L. Kay´s paintings of people, plants, and animals distorted through the fun-house mirror of her imagination. Recent work has centered around bringning out archetypes of human personalities in brightly colord portraits of different dog and other animal breeds. Ms Kay´s work ranges in size from digital pieces intented for onscreen viewing to 20 foot murals on the sides of buildings.


link170.gif (6873 bytes) is website featuring in-depth documentation on 12 Washington D.C. area visual artists, plus information on exhibits and events, art discussions, a poetry quarterly, and guest artists from other countries.


link175.gif (7199 bytes)

Art for the new Century. Fractal Art Posters at low prices.
Come explore the boundary of Creation and discovery.


link176.gif (20654 bytes)

Paintings and Tapestry by Ertist Alvin Tapia. Alvin tapia born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has studied in Brussels, Belgium, and New York City. He is currently showing at various galleries located in the New York City Metro area, This web site will give you a sampling of some of this works, with excellent links and resources too.


link177.gif (3986 bytes)

Art Directory Dedicated to Artists, art Collectors and art Enthusiasts. Links to Art galleries, museums, schools, lithographs, organizations, graphics, music, photography, clipart, painting, prints, etching, design, animation, books, software, posters, free homepage, mezzotints search, sculpture, paints, supplies classified brokerage sales.


link180.jpg (12113 bytes)

Modern Art.

link186.jpg (16428 bytes)

Fine bronze wildlife sculpture by award-winning artist Barney Boller.


link181.gif (11319 bytes)

A comprehensive travel guide of special interest travel.


link187.jpg (15193 bytes)

Dreampool Studio offers a wide selection of original fine art paintings, sculpture,
collage and mixed media. The unexpected is the rule. The work you see here will,
I hope, surprise you, perhaps disturb you, and make you see the world in ways
you haven´t before.


link192.gif (13647 bytes)

Emerging art and artists from
New York City.
Galleries, art books, news and more...


link201.gif (3752 bytes)

Arts and Culture from Washington State, USA


link203.jpg (8124 bytes)

The Art of Ken Martin


link224.jpg (20277 bytes)

Enchanted Creek studios specializes in fine art created in a
variety of media and styles including bronze sculpture,
digital art, woodcarving, photography, jewerly, and others.
Comissions are encouraged.


link232.jpg (20202 bytes)

Murray Zimiles
Paintings, Drawings and Prints.


link234.jpg (15362 bytes)

Joao Filipe, profesional painter of portraits, and sacred art, ikons, of Jesus, Mary angels and saints in egg tempera and gold leaf on wood. Working since 1973. 300 artworks in churches and private collections in Europe and USA.


link258.gif (1208 bytes)

Heather J. Tait, a self-taught artist in Atlanta, GA takes art to a level of innocence. Her paintings are inspired by her subconscious mind extended onto paper with the help of a Sharpie Marker and Watercolors. There are no sketches, there are no plans, just intuitive, archetypical representations of healing.


link266.jpg (9663 bytes)

Abstract painting galleries with over 200 large-scale metaphysical paintings based on Sacred Geometry's connections to nature and art, and art's relationship to cosmic creation. This survey of the artist's paintings, drawings and graphics features an artist's interview on Art and Metaphysics, Guest Galleries, selected Art and Spiritual links, Categorized free Links Directory, Fine Art virtual postcards and more.


link290.jpg (14133 bytes)

Original acrylic and oil paintings on canvas adressing themes of language,
identity and the nature of being.


link295.gif (7295 bytes)

Dornberg paintings
200 plus scroll down paintings - quick open.
I paint to expand the elements of a painting: dark light pattern; rhythm;
balance; color relation.
These elements dominate the subjects, which are mere slices of life.


link299.jpg (36122 bytes)

"Los artes finos que pintan y el estudio de escultura de S. Condell"
"The Fine Arts Painting and Spulture Studio of S. Condell"


link306.jpg (1551 bytes)

English Description: Master Silversmith Valentin Yotkov of Bulgaria and New York City, recognized by the American government as being one of the premier silversmiths and foremost experts in the art of Chasing & Repousse. Yotkov was trained in the ancient metalwork techniques of chasing and repousse. His work has been exhibited in Japan, Greece, Germany, Russia, Italy, Mexico, India, China and the USA.

Spanish Description: Valentin Yotkov es un renombrado Maestro Silversmith nacido en Bulgaria, busca restablecer la práctica antigua de las técnicas chasing y repoussé para crear joyería y arte en metal: oro, plata y cobre. Exposiciones: Japón, Grecia, Alemania, Rusia, Italia, México, India, China y Estados Unidos. Actualmente reside en Nueva York.


link74.gif (8277 bytes)

Fine Art Paintings of Artist Caroline Putnam.
Original oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings.
Reproductions available.


link330.gif (2932 bytes) is a fine arts virtual gallery whose mission is to provide the opportunity for buying and selling artwork on the World Wide Web. You will find a variety of original artwork featured on our site including paintings, sculptures, photography, mixed media and much more.


Large Contemporary prints of Patrou


link365.jpg (13356 bytes)

Online Shopping has Never Been So Easy. features the web´s best stores,
puflet malls, discount coupons and clearance sales.
Created by disbled individuals.


link371.gif (1703 bytes)

A digitalRiveting Enterprise
"The Art of Humanity." - "The Art of Humanity" - Elegant online site showing contemporary international paintings, sculpture, glasswork and handmade cherry wood furniture that reveals strength and beauty across various media. 5 works in museums. Searchable database, screen wide images for those with high-speed access. Artist paid 60% commission. Ask about 100% commission contest. 5% given to Doctors without Borders.


link374.gif (19270 bytes)

Antiques and Art Gallery
Your opportunity to learn and buy 18 th Century Meissen porcelain,
antiques, paintings and decorative art.


link384.jpg (5447 bytes)

View current works of sculpture, wall hanging and wearable art.


link388.jpg (14298 bytes)

Commission a work, or purchase original acrylic celebrity portraits (some autographed),
abstracts, lithographs, intaglio, silkscreens and woodcuts by artist Dennis P. McCann.
Artist’s Statement: Expressionism is pure color and feeling, without subject matter.
It is meant only to evoke a response in the viewer. Pop is the opposite- pure subject
matter rendered in a cold, precise manner- the removal of the artist from the art.


link390.gif (26052 bytes)

Established since 1984, Image Gallery is dedicated to Chicago artists and people who love paintings and posters to present or collect their precious artworks. Artist Raymond Chen developed his unique painting skills which combined the Western oil painting and oriental water color techniques to present you the innovated artworks.


Cliff Finity:
Surrealistic paintings on canvas and panel.
Surreal pencil renderings on Bristol linen paper.


link399.gif (5833 bytes)

Wholesale Oil Painting
America´s Wholesale Oil Painting.
Offering famous oil painting reproductions.
Thousands of genuise oil reproductions of masterpieces.
Museum quality is guaranteed fpr all our paintings.
And we offer the lowest price on the internet for our
genuine hand-painted oil paintings on canvas.


link430.jpg (14783 bytes)


link439.gif (3914 bytes)

Faux Painting, Fine Art, Decorative Finishing,Trompe loeil and Murals
Artist displays faux painting, fine art, decorative finishes, trompe l'oeil, murals,
watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, pencil, pen & ink drawings and paintings.
Resources for artists, interior designers, decorators, home improvement,...


link444.jpg (8691 bytes)

Collin Bogle Realistic Nature Art
Specializing in realistic paintings of wildlife, flowers and people.


link449.jpg (10145 bytes)

Linda Paul Studio
Online shopping for bas-relief & egg
tempera original art paintings! Limited
edition canvas prints of French & Italian
architecture, village life, landscapes,
still life, & ballet.


link453.gif (6220 bytes)

Val's Creative Designs
"Unique handcrafted three-dimensional wall hangings and wooden objects of art. All pieces are custom made to your specifications, your ideas, colors, and sizes. All pieces are handmade and handpainted and have a high gloss finish."


link454.jpg (13529 bytes)

Poster Art Price - Original Art
Outhouse Studios, an alternative to buying reproductions, utilizes art created
on the computer with modern printing techniques. The result is as lush as
a painting, the art as fresh as the concept.


link459.gif (22861 bytes)

Las pinturas al oleo de Maria Cabrera-Macias.
The oil pantings of Maria Cabrera-Macias at

El arte de Maria Cabrera-Macias y el Maestro William Vega en
The Art of Maria Cabrera-Macias and Master William Vega at


link463.gif (11878 bytes)

Quality Oil Paintings & Frames.
Free S&H. Big Sale-Great collection.
Free greeting cards.


link464.gif (8218 bytes)

Dolores Valenza
Figural Painter, Sculptor, Fine Jewelry Design and Fabrication.
Galería de Pinturas, Esculturas en bronce y porcelana, diseño de Joyería.


link465.gif (9554 bytes)

Jennifer Mank
Goldsmith, Diseñadora de Joyería


Bridal Jewelry, Jewelry for Engagement
Diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding jewelry,
engagement jewelry, bridal jewelry, information on different styles
of engagement rings. Engagement Rings and Jewelry
Engagement rings, diamond engagement rings, white gold, platinum,
14k gold and more!


Landscape Art - Niagara Art Collection
Original oil painting from established artists.
North American and European landscapes.
Autumn, Winter, Tree landscapes.


link477.gif (11878 bytes)

SpeedyArtOnline Oil Paintings
Quality Oil Paintings & Frames.
Free S&H.
Big Sale-Great collection.


Art Wholesale: Oil Paintings-Discount Art
Art Wholesale: Oil Paintings - Discount art, international artists, famous
paintings masterpieces. Wholesale oil paintings direct from the artists.
Abstract art, original hand-painted reproduction and landscape oil paintings.
Over 9500 paintings in our online art gallery.


Oil Paintings Gallery
Quality oil paintings on canvas and frames. Landscape art, portraits and
custom made. FREE SHIPPING 50% off Retail.


Acting Class Los Angeles
Find Best Acting Classes at Stuart Rogers Studios in Los Angeles. Our Acting School offers cutting edge methodologies all over Hollywood, Burbank and California.


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