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Ying Bao Zhai
Antique Store

Antique Chinese furniture
and porcelain.


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We offer a well rounded selection for you to choose from:
Chinese Antique,Chinese Antique Furnitures, Ceramic&Porcelain,
Carving, Chinese Cultural Revolution stuffs, Buddha Art,
Bronze&Copper Pieces,Painting, Lighting&Lamp,
Mongolia&Tibet Series, Textiles, Mounting&Frames...


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Orient handicrafts, folk art, antiques, jewelry, etc.
We are supplier and exporter of the following items: Chinese embroidery,
jewelry,antique accessories, orient folk arts, Asian crafts, antique furniture,
Chinese folk art crafts, paper cut, painting, tangka, snuff bottles, etc.


Chinese antique furniture, Asian antiques, handmade crafts
We are supplier, exporter, seller of Asian antique furniture, Chinese antique
furniture, Chinese handmade crafts, craft, gift, gifts,orient curio, Asian craft,
antique furniture, Chinese folk art, handicraft, Tibetan antique furniture, etc.


Esatern Curio Shangai Limited
We offer Chinese Antique, Ancient, Oriental Curio, Chinese Antique Furniture, Chinese Cultural Revolution, Ceramic, Porcelain, Pottery, Buddha Art, Bronze&Copper, Bamboo,Stone, Wood Carving, Chinese Tea, Pearl & Necklace, Painting, Lighting, Mongolia & Tibet,Textiles, Mounting & Frames, Garden Furniture & Garden Pottery, Rustic Home Refinishing, Interior Decorators, Landscape Architects, Garden Designers, Pavilion, Baskets Purses, Jewelry, Miscellaneous for your home furnishing or your selling business.


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We ( are manufacturer of chinese antique furniture and reproduction furniture, also deal with Chinese Antiques,Chinese Cultural Revolution, Ceramic,Porcelain, Pottery, Buddha Art, Bronze & Copper, Bamboo, Stone, Wood Carving, Chinese Tea, Pearl&Necklace, Painting, Lighting, Mongolia &  Tibet, Textiles, Mounting & Frames, Garden Furniture & Garden Pottery, Rustic Home Refinishing, Interior Decorators, Landscape Architects, Garden Designers, Pavilion, Baskets Purses, Jewelry, Miscellaneous for your home furnishing or your selling business.


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Chinese antique furniture, Asian antiques, China reproduction,
handicraft, oriental curio, ceramics, statue.

We( export China antique furniture, ceramics, porcelain,
stone statue, carving, eastern handmade crafts, gifts, old paintings,
Chinese tribal handicraft, folk art, oriental curio, Asian home decoration,
home decorations


link481.gif (35493 bytes)
Chinese antiques at
Beijing Dragon Rising Antiques Sales Company ( is a company located in Beijing, China, which has its factory and showrooms and marketing/sales teams in Beijing City. Our major business is selling Chinese Antiques and with all kinds of Chinese Handicrafts which are from Chinese regional places. At the same time, we also run the Consultant business for all of the foreigners coming to China for business or for invest purposes. On the above purpose, we develop our teams into more effenciency, trust worthy for our friends and customers. And Antiques for selling are largely unique pieces, customers from USA, Europe Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan,etc, bring nearly hundreds of container per year. We are proud of ourselves for the understanding of Chinese Antique Knowledge, the pieces we can locate are including: Chinese Antique Furniture, Tibetan small stuffs, Mongolian and Tibetan Furnitures, Bronzes, TerroCotta, Glazed Pottery, Coin, CR items,etc. We truly believe our works and collection of Chinese Antiques will make you feel satisifed and much more understanding the long history of Chinese 5000 Old.
We just leave our full contacting way as follows, and you can make us a visit if you are in Beijing. We will believe we can become your truly believable provider of Chinese Antiques and Handicrafts in Beijing.


The Guidance of Chinese Cultural Relics Collection
We specialize in antiques and artworks trading and auction. Moreover,
we offer services of antiques appraisal and restoration.


Chinese Antique Furniture Shop


Folkartcn Chinese antique furniture, China home deco,
Asian antiques, oriental curio, handicrafts

Folkartcn Chinese antique furniture, MingQing antiques,
Asian old furniture furniture, household supply, handmade crafts, ceramics,
China handicraft, gift, oriental curio, rustic Asian furniture, tribal art,
Tibetan goods, home decoration


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